Licensing Information

License Information

What can I use the photos I download for?

Limited Commercial Use

Files downloaded from are provided without property or model releases, and as such may not be suitable for certain commercial purposes.

They may contain identifiable brands, locations, property or people without the proper legal releases needed for commercial use. It is your responsibility to secure any property or model releases for photographs that you intend to use commercially.

For more information about commercial use, visit our licensing information page.

License Restrictions

There are some things that you are not allowed to do under the terms of the image license(s) you have purchased.

You may not use the licensed photograph to:

  • Create products for sale where a substantial part of the product itself is the licensed image (eg. framed prints or calendars)
  • Use the licensed photograph in any logo or trademark
  • Create pornographic, obscene or libelous works
  • Suggest personal endorsement by owners or tenants of the property in the photograph

You also may not:

  • Sub-license, give away, share or otherwise transfer stand-alone images/files to third parties
  • Display the original image digitally on-screen larger than 1200 x 800 pixels; Any size reproduction is acceptable with substantial changes to the content.

For more full details about the terms of the license granted to you, please visit our licensing information page.