Where did my download go?

Every browser handles downloading differently. If your browser does not prompt you to save your file automatically, you haven’t actually downloaded anything. Click ‘start download’ from the ‘file successfully downloaded’ pop-up window.

  • Internet Explorer: typically lets you choose where to save a file. If you do not select a folder, it will default to the last place you saved a file.
  • Firefox: saves files to your desktop unless set otherwise in the preferences.
  • Safari: will generally send images to your downloads folder or your desktop. This can also be set in the preferences.

How do I re-download a file?

As a registered client of Airviewonline.com, you may download any of your licensed aerial photos as many times as you like by logging in to your account, and going to the licensed photographs page.

Note: If a contributing photographer has withdrawn a photograph from our collection, you will be notified and given 30 days to download the photograph before it becomes permanently unavailable. You have a lifetime license to use that photograph, and that is not affected.

Why is the image I downloaded not the size or dpi that is listed on the site?

Our images are provided by many contributing photographers and the default resolution on files could be lower or higher than 300dpi.

If you’re using Adobe® Photoshop®, go to ‘Image’ --- ‘Image Size’ and you’ll see that the resolution listed may be something other than 300dpi. Uncheck the ‘Resample image’ option and change the dpi of the file to the correct dpi. The height and width of the file will change in the document size window to reflect the change.

What do I do when my member name or password doesn't work?

If your browser stays at the main welcoming screen after attempting to sign in, please ensure your system clock (date/time/year) is correct.

If you're re-directed to a sign in error page, make sure your caps lock is off since your password and member name are case sensitive. Also, check your cookie settings to ensure they're on a medium privacy level and clear all cookies and cache in your browser.

If you’re still re-directed, please try resetting your password.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue contact Support.

How can I use your files?

Files downloaded from airviewonline.com are provided without property or model releases, and as such may not be suitable for certain commercial purposes.

They may contain identifiable brands, locations, property or people without the proper legal releases needed for commercial use. It is your responsibility to secure any property or model releases for photographs that you intend to use commercially.

To read specific permitted and forbidden uses of Airviewonline files, please read the Licence Information page.

If you still have questions, please contact Support.

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